Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Quick Update

I've lost the ability to sit and write for hours about my thoughts due to slight inconveniences called classes and exams. However, I would like to give you all a brief update.

(1) I began writing a column in The Tech (the MIT student-run newspaper) which runs every Tuesday (on Fridays when we have no Tuesday issue). Previous articles are archived on the website at http://www-tech.mit.edu/

(2) I will have a gallery opening at the Weisner Gallery on the 2nd floor of the MIT Stratton Student Center in the near future. It is planned for November 15, but may be pushed back until November 21 due to unforseen circumstances.

(3) The unforseen circumstances is that I acquired an infectious disease during my travels and am currently under examination to have it figured out. They are leaning towards Malaria and have given me antibiotics to make many of the symptoms bearable, but this was definitely unexpected.

(4) I am trying to write a book similar to the blog but more inclusive with the interviews I conducted and organized in a more comprehensible format. The book is theoretically to be completed by my graduation and if not then, for MIT's 150th anniversary in 2011. I hope to finish by my graduation.

(5) I have met with several amazing students that are interested in pursuing projects of their own. While I would direct you to the MIT public service center for more formal information about what they are looking for in designing a PSC fellowship, I would love to talk to anyone that is interested in different international development issues and to share ideas that I have for projects or to hear your ideas and try to give my input.

(6) I am trying to learn as much as I can about international development which includes both national and international political situations, different social issues and situations, policies, economies, and so much more. So please, contact me if you're willing to share your opinions/knowledge with me. Conversing can be so much more fun and beneficial than reading at times. :)

(7) I have received several anonymous comments asking questions. While I hope to get around to addressing them publicly on the blog, some are not applicable for an individual blog entry and I cannot guarantee that I will get to it by a certain time, so if you would like to hear back from me sooner, please leave your name and email address or other contact information so that I can answer your questions/continue our discussion.