Monday, June 30, 2008


Jess and I had the opportunity to explore el Museo Nacional del Banco Central today which tells the history of Ecuador. One of the things I kept wondering was why would anyone go to the jungle and decide that was the best place to settle down and build a community? While it is rich in resources and a good water source, there are dangerous animals, muddy lands, and thick vegetation that makes it difficult to travel, farm, or build. So if wanderers were looking for a good place to settle down and make a community... why would they choose the jungle? Why would you?


Aline said...

Lol, to be fair, people said the same thing about Miami a little over a century ago, and now, it's one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world.

Erik said...

1. Maybe I didn't have a better place to live anyway

2. Maybe the better spots had a stronger tribe and got my ass kicked into the jungle

3. Maybe the jungle really does have more good stuff (natural medicine, abundance of food, etc) and not too much more danger

4. If no-one else wants to live there, there's less competition

5. I'm crazy

Dirk said...

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