Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My Apologies - Rare Internet Access

My apologies for going missing for a while. I am not dead, or hurt. Though on Sunday I ate a bad orange and had quite a time regurgating the bare contents of my stomach but then gathered my strength to continue my trip to Hell's Gate. :) but more on that later.

Due to sporadic internet access, as well as a very hectic couple of days, I have not been able to blog, but I promise to update this in the very near future. I appreciate your readership and am ecstatic to know that my writing and photographs are making people think and feel thoughts and emotions they may not otherwise encounter. Please continue reading, and please leave comments and feedback (they do not have to be positive, but if negative, please make it constructive criticism so that I don't feel like a failure... :) ).

A very very brief update, I am now in Nairobi, Kenya documenting Mario Bollini who is designing better tricycles for the physically disabled so that they can be more mobile with more ease. I find Kenya to be much much cleaner and further developed than at least the part of India that I saw, and in addition, everyone speaks at least a little bit of English, so the language barrier is not as obstructing. I have been able to joke around with and really get to know some Kenyan citizens as well as a fellow Kenyan photojournalist. More to come...


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