Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Summary of Part I: Delhi, India

India was a great first experience in a developing country for me. The combination of my comfortable residence with the shocking, eye-opening devastation and poverty all around me, it was a great balance that allowed me to get well-adjusted to the new environment of being in a developing country. It was also a great start to my trip because of the people that I worked with. Every single one of the group members, mobilizers, Indian students, professors, and staff were delightful and the community members were inspiring and a joy to interact with.

The first experience of anything is something that you’ll remember forever because it is bound to have the largest impact on you. I’m glad that I chose India as my first as it prepared me for bad weather and shocking poverty and gently eased me into living in less comfort than what I am used to at home (it also helps that I can sleep pretty much anywhere and I love to go camping….).

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