Monday, June 11, 2007

Final Itinerary

Arrival at Location

Departure from Location



June 14, 10:50 pm

June 30, 10:45 am

New Delhi, India

Rehabilitation Center for Mentally Disabled Children

June 30, 7:05 pm

July 7, 12:55 pm

Nairobi, Kenya

Tricycle Factory, Technology Center Networks

July 7, 2:10 pm

July 15, 1:50 pm

Kampala, Uganda

Computer Refurbishment Center

July 15, 3:00 pm

July 29, 3:40 pm

Kilimanjaro Airport, Tanzania

Marketing Project, Wheelchair

July 30, 11:25 am

July 31, 10:45 am

Bangkok, Thailand

24 Hr Layover

July 31, 2:55 pm

August 12, 10:00 am

Sichuan, China

Teaching Children

August 12, 12:25 pm

August 15, 6:30 pm

Beijing, China

Urban Hospitals


Dani said...

1. good for you for proving us all wrong and actually going for this full force.

2. i am incredibly jealous

3. did you know chell's in india for a few more weeks still?

4. get an RSS feed so i can keep up with you!


Ah Ra said...

wow thats so awesome. so many places during the summer and all by yourself!!! I'm so proud of you girl!!!!!!!!!!!!