Monday, June 18, 2007

Time Difference and Rain

I just realized that either purposely or forgetfully, I left the time in Boston time. I have now changed it to India time. :)

We decided to stay on campus today because it is pouring outside and noone wanted to leave the building. It is questionable whether monsoon season has started or not. The newspapers say no, but many of the Indian citizens say yes. Who knows! But it certainly is cooler when it rains. The first rainfall was called acid rain and happened on Friday. It is called acid rain, and as tourists, we were advised to avoid contact with it for all the pollution and chemicals in the air are caught by this first rainfall of the season and can be dangerous.

I definitely wish that I had a waterproof case for my camera so that I could go take pictures in the rain, even if it IS just of the campus since it is too dangerous for me to leave campus alone.


Kim Roush said...

Hey! I left you a message on Facebook but I decided to read through your blog now too and leave a message here! This trip just seems like such a neat experience (and I want to see more pictures!!) I'm actually working in a lab in Singapore for the summer so I can certainly understand what you're saying with the heat and humidity!! That's what happens when you're right on the equator!! I'm going to keep reading your blog all summer so keep posting and keep adding pictures!! :)

Michelle said...

Hey Christina!

I wish i had known you were in india last week! I've been here for two months - down south working in a hospital - and i'm flying off to australia on Thursday so i've been working my way back up to Chennai. I'm sitting in a little internet cafe in pondicherry. It's the most unbelievably french town.

I'm going to have to read through all the posts at some point but i'm frantically catching up on emails! Have an awesome time!