Friday, June 15, 2007


Due to extreme fatigue, I am unable to write at this current time. But the fatigue is a good sign, for it means that I've had an amazing day of exploring and experiencing India firsthand! Here are a few photographs to hype up the blog entry to come about my arrival and first day in Delhi...

hope you like them! I can already tell that my photography skills are going to increase dramatically throughout this trip, the constant changes in lighting, photographing with respect, knowing what equipment to carry and how, becoming comfortable shooting in a new and different environemnt, and judging when it is and it isn't safe to be seen with the expensive equipment. I have learned so much already and have many thoughts to share... but all tomorrow. :)

oh and if you were thinking, why's she so tired its only 3 in the afternoon.... keep in mind that here in delhi it is currently 1:04 am. From Boston time, you add 9.5 hours. Why the .5? I'd like to know as well. :)

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